Tutoring for grades 7 through 12

Are you the parent of a student in a computer science class in grades 7 through 12?

Hi, I’m Mike, a computer science/coding tutor.

A Caltech graduate and former programmer at NASA for 16 years, I’ve been dedicated to excellent teaching for over ten years.

If you student is in grades 7 through 12, I can help.

Skilled and patient

As a parent, you want a skilled tutor for your student, someone smart and knowledgeable. But you also know your student learns best with patience and understanding. I can be that tutor for you.

Classes and subjects

The classes and subjects I teach include * AP Computer Science A * AP Computer Science Principles * Java * JavaScript * languages based on JavaScript like Karel * HTML/CSS * CodeHS curricula * Most other CS classes * Python.

To discuss how I can help your student, schedule a free consultation today!


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