Tutoring for students

Success in school now and in the information economy of the future

Are you the parent of a computer science student in grades 7 through 12? I can tutor your student in most computer science and coding classes, including AP Computer Science A.

Or I can help your student explore coding on their own.

If you’re a college student, I tutor most core CS classes.

I tutor online or in the local area (Pasadena, California).

Help your student to get better grades now and be prepared for success in the information economy of the future.

Topics I teach

For students grades 7 through 12:

  • AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles.
  • Coding in Python, Java, Javascript, and few less common languages such as Haskell, Purescript, and Elm.
  • Making web pages with HTML/CSS.
  • Other common computer sciences courses at the junior high or high school level.
  • CodeHS courses including Karel.

My qualifications

My background includes a computer science degree from Caltech, but that’s only part of what makes me a good teacher. I’ve been interested my whole life in teaching, in particular developing the soft skills of patience and the ability to see things from the perspective of a student.

  • I earned a degree in computer science from Caltech.
  • I’ve worked for 19 years as a professional coder in five different languages, including 16 years at NASA.
  • I have 500 hours of training in mindfulness and learning strategies.
  • I’ve had a lifelong interest in teaching strategies, in particular how to make the experience.

For a free consultation:

For a free consultation:

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