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Rattie pictures

I have two older boy rats, Nodin and Jacy. And two younger boy rats, Keary and Finnibar. They are all from Ratz Realm Rattery (official prefix RRLM).

Baby pictures of my rats.

My rats doing stuff in their younger days.

Celebrating Christmas 2005.

First birthday.

Lots more stuff.

New babies, Sept 2006: Keary and Finnibar.

A look back at some great photos of Nodin and Jacy.

Keary and Finnibar, October 2006.

New pictures, March 2007.

C.A.R.E. Pet Show, August 2007!

Other animal pictures

Pet Expo 2006

Some of Hilloah's rats!

Heather's bunnies!

Pet Expo 2008