My talk on writing correct code

At an informal noontime seminar series held by my software development group at JPL, I gave a 50 minute talk called "Writing Correct Code Without Straining Your Brain." I talked about strategies to improve software "correctness;" that is, to eliminate some of the mistakes in writing software that lead to bugs. In particular, I talked about how to do this without "straining your brain." Everyone has always wanted to eliminate bugs, but often a developer thinks of this as a matter of thinking hard enough or working hard enough. I showed a way of "working smarter" instead.

The talk (audio)

The slides (PDF)

(See if you can bring up the slides and listen to the audio at the same time. By the way, I had a "handout" at the talk which I cannot reproduce here, since it was composed of xerox copies of pages out of books, and I would have to scan the pages, which I don't feel like doing. However, I think the talk is pretty clear without the handout, since the handout illustrated simple principles which can be grasped via my words.)